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SOAP - A Quick Intro to Webservices

XML-RPC - A Five-Minute Tutorial

Installing Apache2 and mod_perl (Windows XP)



September 23, 2005: Added a little tutorial on Web Services using SOAP. I was never very happy with any introduction to SOAP because most articles make SOAP inaccessible by adding too much information. SOAP is simple, if you keep your data simple and put aside the details. Anyway - take a look.

August 28, 2005: Added an article on web services using XML-RPC (XML-RPC - A Five-Minute Tutorial). XML-RPC is real fun. It's low tech, easy to use and at the same time can still satisfy almost all requirements that are typically needed for web based services.

August 24, 2005: Finally uploaded the first article about installing Apache2 and mod_perl. I thought it would be a breeze given that both have been around for a while. That was in fact true for Apache2. But mod_perl (mod_perl 2.0 to be precise) seems to be under active development and it took me quite some time to but all the pieces together. You can find the summary here. I hope it will prove useful for anyone else that tries to install it.